The Issues

We Need More Jobs, Better Jobs in Our Community

The labor participation rate in our area is abysmal. We need more jobs, better paying jobs. With the new Claymont Train Station and Port of Wilmington expansion projects underway, our residents need to benefit from this positive economic activity right beyond our District borders. After all, the best form of social justice is a good job.

We Need to Make Our Neighborhoods Safer

If we want to attract business and jobs, then we must recommit to safe communities. The first step is to ensure our local and state police forces are properly trained, funded and supported.

We Need to Fight the Opioid Crisis by Providing Resources for Prevention and Recovery

The opioid epidemic is impacting individuals of all ages and incomes. We need to move quickly to put systems in place to help those who need treatment for opioid addiction—as well as establish awareness and prevention initiatives throughout the state.

We Need State Officials Who Know How to Budget

It’s challenging to understand how Delaware’s budget can be in crisis one year and have a large surplus the next. Last year, a bipartisan task force was tasked to create a “budget-smoothing fund” to control budget growth when the money is flowing and to fund services when it is not. Let’s get Delaware’s finances in order. 

We Need to Put Residents in Our Community First

We need to face the challenges affecting our residents head-on. School spending isn’t resulting in a better education for our children. Whether it’s championing better jobs, better schools or a safer community, I will work on your behalf to tackle the issues that stand in our way of making our community a better place to live.